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Pakistani in Odense – Freedom of religion in Pakistan


I’ve just returned from a short trip to Pakistan, where I decided to visit different places. One of the things I’ve decided to visit was a Christian Church in Pakistan,
mostly because I’ve heard several stories about oppression of the Christian religion, and at the same time I could meet new people and hear their view on life and religion in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a peaceful Islamic democratic country and with Islamic Sharia. Sharia means law in Arabic and western media has concluded that it is a bad though christians in Pakistan live in peace and have very beautiful architect structure buildings when it comes to their churches.

This church I’ve taken some pictures of is from 1922, and is still placed and being used. for church services. The church is located in downtown Sialkot, and there are thousands of cars driving by and people walking by the church every day.

Have a look and enjoy the truth about Pakistan.